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What do you think of My Big Fat Diet Show?

I’ve just watched the first episode of this programme and never has my book title “Stop Counting Calories & Start Losing Weight” seemed more appropriate.

First of all – don’t you just love Anna Richardson?! She is one of my fave presenters – so natural, so approachable, so ‘one of us’ and good on her for joining in and trying to get into a dress and being seen in her pyjamas etc. She is just fab. I just want to get hold of her though and explain all about calories and how they are just fuel and how a calorie is not a calorie and how we have misapplied the laws of the universe to the human body. She’s clearly very bright – so let’s go into this at whatever level is necessary until Anna stops believing that cutting calories is the way to lose weight. Start with the Minnesota experiment and we’ll go from there!

The second great thing about the programme is the 6 women chosen – genius idea to get 6 slimming friends. The chemistry between them is such fun to watch. I laughed out loud when Lissy got so hungry she said the dog was starting to look quite appetising. Not surprising though – what do we know about hunger?! The body will do anything to avoid it and anything to get you to eat. Poor Lissy put on 2lbs in 4 days, so has anyone seen her dog?!

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