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We’ve been helping people lose weight and gain health for over a decade. Our diet plan has proved super effective for people who want to lose weight without counting calories (or carbs).

Our focus has always been on helping people like you develop a personal diet plan that’s nutritious, delicious and sustainable.

Diet & Health Today has its roots in The Harcombe Diet®. In fact, all the principles, plans, FAQs, articles, recipes, videos and podcasts that we have created over the years are included in this website.

About The Lifestyle Club.

This club was originally set up for friends and fans of The Harcombe Diet®, for people interested in finding out more about the diet and for people who are looking to develop a healthier lifestyle.

The club is owned and run by its founders, Zoë and Andy Harcombe, who are active in supporting members. Sign up now and get instant access to all the club forums and resources. Every membership includes:

Friendly and supportive forums Instant access to all articles
Video courses Zoë’s weekly newsletter
Private ‘Ask Zoë’ forum Guest speakers
100s of recipes with full nutritional analysis Bonus podcast content

Included with every membership

Hundreds of delicious recipes

We’ve taken all the recipes from all our books, linked them to a nutritional database, and have come up with our own unique recipe tool. All ‘Harcombe friendly’, all with full nutritional breakdown of macro and micro nutrients.

You can search by recipe or ingredient and get inspiration for some seriously delicious and healthy meals.

Extensive learning

We’ve been around since 2010 and have built a library of over 1,000 articles covering most aspects of Diet & Health.

There are videos and podcasts too, with interviews and recordings not available anywhere else online.

You will have access to all these resources plus regular updates with Zoë’s weekly newsletter and regular podcasts, with bonus content.

Knowledgeable members, friendly support

Getting the support you need while following a diet is known to significantly increase your chances of success and our vibrant and friendly community is full of expert helpers.

Our forum has always been a private area for members to discuss anything that’s important to us. It’s a place for sharing ideas and to learn from each other, without judgement.

Always free from advertising and sponsorship

We are fiercerly defensive of our independence to say what we find from our own research, so you won’t see any adverts or sponsorship on this site, ever.

While we create all our podcasts and publish many articles for free, like everyone, we need to earn a living so we do have a nominal fee to access the site programs, research articles, courses, and interactive sessions. We hope that we’ve priced the subscriptions to be affordable to most people – it’s certainly a fraction of the cost of many other online clubs with a ton more information and support.

Come and join us today and take that important first step to making better lifestyle choices, for you, and your loved ones.

Zoë & Andy Harcombe

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