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The complete guide to cholesterol

The complete guide to cholesterol


We still get more questions about cholesterol than virtually any other topic. I have done many blogs on this topic and there have been many club threads, but let's pull everything together in one article and present the information as clearly as possible. There will be some parts with which you feel familiar, but there is new information for everyone and some great, significant studies for you to have to hand to quote as evidence when faced with challenges from health professionals.

What is cholesterol?

The word Cholesterol comes from the Greek words "chole" meaning bile and "stereos" meaning solid followed by the standard chemical suffix (bit that goes at the end of a word) for an alcohol, which is "ol". Cholesterol is a waxy substance - it would look a bit like candle wax from a creamy coloured candle. It is an essential structural part of the cells of all mammals. Its chemical (molecular) formula is C27H46O, which means that it is made up of Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen atoms.

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