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SACN report on saturated fat

In the autumn of 2016 a review panel called SACN, which stands for Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition, invited input into a review they were doing on “Saturated fats and health.” The committee was only interested in the highest level of evidence, which is systematic reviews and/or meta-analyses of randomised controlled trials or population studies. As it happens, my PhD was an examination of the evidence from randomised controlled trials and population studies for dietary fat guidelines using systematic review and meta-analysis. As a result, I submitted the peer reviewed and published papers from my PhD for SACN to include in their review.

You can see the full newsletter below. The draft SACN report was published on May 8th and we have until July 3rd to return comments (which I will be doing). The report was 233 pages long, so I have gone through it systematically and focused on the following:

1) The background to and remit of the panel;

2) The aspects of health under consideration (and why this is interesting);

3) Saturated fats and cardiovascular disease (and why this is the only relevant factor);

4) Where the panel went wrong; and

5) Why the panel might have gone wrong – also known as “conflicts of interest.”

The headlines are as follows:

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