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Palm Oil is not Saturated Fat

An attack on saturated fat was probably overdue. They come quite regularly – just when you think a bit of common sense has arrived in the world of nutrition, bang, a daft headline appears in the media.

This story was covered globally: here’s the headline from the UK Independent newspaper on 24th January 2017 as an example “A single cheeseburger can trigger changes in body linked to diabetes and fatty liver disease, study warns”. The article opened with the scary words: “Just one fatty meal, such as a cheeseburger and chips, is enough to alter the body’s metabolism and trigger changes associated with liver disease and diabetes, researchers have found.”

Oh my goodness! Ditch that low carb high fat diet right now! Or maybe not. I’ve looked at the full article and there are five major flaws, which completely negate the conclusions...

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