Public Health Collaboration Conference Videos – 2016

Saturday 11th June 2016 was the inaugural conference for the newly formed Public Health Collaboration (PHC). The conference sold out a few weeks ago and there was a waiting list of over 40 people who will hopefully book earlier next year (and the venue will be larger)!

Lessons from Doctor in the house
Dr Rangan Chatterjee

Facts about food to help real foodies fight back
Dr Zoë Harcombe

Success for people with diabetes in primary care – and beyond
Dr David Unwin & Dr Jen Unwin

Large scale success with low carb
Arjun Panesar

Too much medicine
Dr Aseem Malhotra

Diabetes from both sides of the consulting desk
Dr Ian Lake

Healthy body – Healthy mind – Shifting perspectives on mental health
Dr Tamsin Lewis

Fixing dad – The personal impact of collaboration
Geoff & Anthony Whitington

Protecting children from nutritional harm
Dr Joanne McCormack

Three reasons why we need to bin dietary guidelines in relation to dietary saturated fat
Dr Trudi Deakin.