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Basic Meatza

A Basic Meatza Recipe

A basic Meatza recipe

Thanks to everyone that responded to my last minute call for their Meatza recipes. Here’s my favourite (recipe and method) that was submitted by Grumbleweed…

“I didn’t want to make a huge one as it was to be just for me. Also, some had said it could be a bit bland-so I was very aware of how I seasoned it. Finally, Laura said she thought the meat had a ‘boiled’ taste-so I wanted to avoid that.

Instead of an oven tray,I used a 20cm oven proof, non-stick frying pan.”

Recipe – Base:
350gm mince – I used cheap and cheerful beef
2M&S 97% sausages-skinned
1 egg
1 tsp each Basil,Oregano,Fennel seeds,( go very well with pork )and cornflour (this seems to stop meat from getting ‘tough’,and keeps it moist)
1 and one half tsp tomatoes puree
2 garlic cloves-minced
1 small onion-minced
1/3 Kallo stock cube-I used garlic & Herb
A good grinding of chilli flakes
1/4 cup grated Parmesan

2 red onions and 4 fat shallots-sliced
1 garlic clove-minced
half a pointed pepper(or a whole small bell pepper)-sliced
3-4 sundried tomatoes in olive oil-cut into small pieces
Tomato puree


Start by gently frying the 2 onions,1 minced garlic, and 4 shallots in a generous amount of olive oil. Do this very slowly-they should be caramelised when done. Add the peppers and sundried tomatoes about five minutes before they are done. Season with a bit more Basil and Oregano.

Mix the meat and all the seasonings well. Pat into the base of the frying pan so that it goes up the side by about an inch-this allows for shrinkage.

Fry on a high heat for just a few minutes-this cooks the base a bit…then transfer to the grill,and grill until the top is browning,and the meat feels firm. I thought grilling may prevent the ‘boiled’ taste that Laura referred to.
Let rest for a few minutes-then carefully drain off the fat.

Spread some tomato puree over the base,then add the onions and peppers,and finally your cheese of choice. I used some Boursin,followed by a LOT of very strong cheddar and more Parmesan. Grill until bubbly.

Leave off the cheese or substitute for an alternative to make this a Phase 1 friendly meal.