How to return from holiday without excess baggage

You've managed to get into your bikini - the last thing you want is to start bulging out of it while you're on holiday, let alone to have to diet again when you get home. Here are some top tips for how to maintain, or even lose, weight on holiday: 1. Losing weight on holiday. Phase 2 of The Harcombe Diet will let you eat really well on holiday and still lose weight. Work on the basis that you will rarely find whole grain carbs in hotels or restaurants anywhere, so 1) only eat the real food that you will find (meat, fish, eggs, dairy, veg, salad, fruits) and 2) have fruit on its own (e.g. a 'carb' breakfast buffet fruit platter). Other meals should have unlimited meat, fish, eggs, dairy, veg (not potatoes) and salad, but no fruit, bread, pasta or other carbs. You can cheat with a glass of (ideally) red wine at dinner on occasions and still do well. 2. Maintaining weight. Follow the advice above as much as possible, but you can cheat more to relax a bit on holiday. If the desserts look irresistible, have one - just not after every meal. Don't waste cheating - don't eat the bread sticks when you can have Tiramisu instead. Try not to snack - save the cheating for the meal times and you'll keep your blood sugar more stable. Phase 3 of The Harcombe Diet is all about how to be a master at 'cheating' and not put on weight.

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