Milk – is it good for us or not?

The latest variety of milk – semi-semi-skimmed milk – is proving very popular with consumers. Even whole milk is only 3-4% fat, so milk is not a high fat food in any form. Semi-skimmed milk is approximately 1.5% fat and skimmed milk is less than 0.3% fat. Semi-Semi, comes somewhere between at 1% fat. This new version is expected to become the second biggest seller, after semi-skimmed milk, within a year. Milk is a unique and interesting food. Here are three interesting facts about milk, so that you can decide if it should be on your own menu: 1. Strictly speaking, milk is for babies! We need the enzyme lactase to digest milk and the body produces far less lactase after we reach the age of two. This is why lactose (milk) intolerance is quite common. If you find milk ‘disagrees’ with you, you are best avoiding it in large quantities. Although, most people, even if lactose intolerant, will be able to have a small amount of milk.

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