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Zoë chats with Zoë Clews about what can be achieved with hypnotherapy

Show Notes

Zoë Clews is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Mental Health Campaigner, businesswoman & one of the most recommended and highly regarded Hypnotherapists working in the UK today.

As a Complex PTSD, Anxiety & Depression specialist she has nearly 20 years’ experience working with private clients to treat a wide range of conditions and is the founder of Zoë Clews & Associates which is an 11 strong team of Hypnotherapists, Therapists & Coaches providing a one stop shop for emotional & psychological issues.

As well as running a private practice on London's Harley Street for the last two decades, Zoë also ran low cost & free mental health clinics throughout lockdown.

Zoë is a passionate and outspoken advocate for better access to mental health services and greater government investment in social care.

She is regularly quoted in the press and has written and contributed to a wide range of articles on adult, teenage & children's mental health, the impacts of lockdown, relationship, emotional & sexual health for The Daily Mail, The Daily Express, Metro, Elle, Vogue, The Independent, Glamour, Marie Clair, The Sun, Woman’s Own, Daily Star & many others over the last 13 years.

Zoë has been interviewed live for the GB news segment 'The Political Correction' on the London anti-lockdown protests & mental health in June 2021.

In this 35-minute conversation, the two Zoë’s cover:

- Tell us about yourself and how you got into hypnotherapy?

- What does hypnotherapy entail?

- Can anyone be hypnotised?

- Stage hypnosis can make someone think a lemon is a chocolate bar – can you make someone think a chocolate bar is a lemon to help weight loss?!

- Your expertise is in PTSD especially – how do you approach helping someone with trauma?

- Tell us about virtual gastric bands!

- What are some of your best successes?

We also cover panic attacks, how to sleep better, what anxiety is all about, phobias generally (and mine gets revealed!) This is a cracker of a podcast.

You can find more about Zoë at her website (https://Zoëclews-hypnotherapy.co.uk/) and/or follow her on Twitter @zclewshypno

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