14 Day Plan – Day 12

Life after bread! How to keep up the great work

We do understand that going from a 14 Day Plan to lifelong healthy eating is a challenge. We have been holding your hand, supporting you along the way, with these articles, to share information and motivation. You can continue to get the help you need to continue the great work…

The Harcombe Diet club has been supporting people in their personal goals to lose weight and gain health since 2010. It has helped, hundreds, if not thousands of people to stay motivated and to achieve their goals. It can do the same for you.

The 14 Day Plan has given you tips along the way, so that you can pick up new ways of staying on track and/or reinforce some that you already knew. Your note book should have a few observations by now – your own pitfalls, things that you know you need to be aware of, to ensure that you don’t get side tracked.

In today’s article, we’ll be looking at ‘life without bread’ – how to break previous eating routines and how to rethink menu plans going forward.



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