Phase 2

What is Phase 2 of The Harcombe Diet?

Phase 2 has just three rules. Get to know them like the back of your hand because these are going to be your lifelong guidelines from now on:

1) Don’t eat processed foods;
2) Don’t eat fats and carbohydrates at the same meal;
3) Don’t eat foods that cause your cravings.

Rule #1 – Don’t eat processed foods

The single simplest thing you can do to get to your ideal weight and stay there is to eat real food and absolutely nothing processed. Real food is food in the form as provided by nature:- Oranges grow on trees, cartons of orange juice don’t; Baked potatoes come out of the ground, chips don’t; Cows graze in a field, Peperamis® don’t – you get the idea.

Rule # 2 – Don’t eat fats and carbs at the same meal

Rule 2 is eat either fat at a meal, or eat carbohydrate, but don’t mix the two (Check out any of the books or the fat/carb list download in the members area). The exception is that salads and vegetables have a low carbohydrate content and can, therefore, be eaten with either fat or carbohydrate meals.

Rule # 3 – Don’t eat foods that cause your cravings

The Harcombe Diet® is all about understanding and overcoming cravings. The clue to which condition (or all three) that you have is what you crave.

If you have Candida, you are likely to crave bread, pizza, beer, cereal, pickled foods and blue cheese.

If you have Food Intolerance, you will crave the thing(s) to which you are intolerant. The most common food intolerances are the things that we eat every day – wheat, milk and sugar being the main culprits.

Classic symptoms of Hypoglycaemia are: waking at 4am hungry and possibly with night sweats; an 11am and 4pm ‘dip’ during the say, where you feel irritable, hungry and unable to make decisions; and general cravings for sweets and sweet foods.

For more information about the three conditions, check out any of the diet books (Stop Counting Calories; Why do you overeat? The Harcombe Diet for Men) or the fat/carb list download in the members area.

How long is Phase 2?

Follow Phase 2 for as long as you want to lose weight. If you have a stone (14lb) or less to lose then you could easily lose 5-7lb in Phase 1 and you may only need to follow Phase 2 for a couple more weeks.If you have a lot of weight to lose then you can be free from hunger and food cravings throughout Phase 2 and you will lose weight while eating healthy, natural foods, which your body will thank you for.

When do you eat?

Eat whenever you want, in Phase 2, but try to get into the habit of eating a maximum of three meals a day.

How much do you eat?

Eat what you need. However, just because quantities are not limited doesn’t doesn’t mean that you are training for an eating contest. Don’t go hungry, but don’t go mad either.

Here is a selection of Phase 2 Fat recipes and here are some Phase 2 Carb recipes for you to try out.

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