We’ve been helping people lose weight and gain health for over a decade. Our diet plan has proved super effective for people who want to lose weight without counting calories (or carbs).

Our focus has always been on helping people like you develop a personal diet plan that’s nutritious, delicious and sustainable.

Diet & health Today has its roots in The Harcombe Diet. In fact, all the principles, plans, FAQs, articles, recipes, videos and podcasts that we have created over the years are included in this website.

Why Diet & Health Today?

We started back in 2010 with a ‘web-magazine’ that tackled some of the big issues in the world of diet and health. We called that magazine Diet and Health Today and it soon became a popular feature of our online diet club. We’ve now published over 1,000 articles and we wanted to have them all available in one place for more people to learn from and enjoy.

A Safe Place to Learn

Our forum has always been a private area for members to discuss anything that’s important to them. It’s a place for sharing ideas and to learn from each other, without judgement.

With ever increasing concerns about personal privacy and freedom of speech, now, more than ever, our members’ forum is an import part of this site – a private and safe place to learn.

Always free from advertising and sponsorship

We are fiercerly defensive of our independence to say what we find from our own research, so you won’t see any adverts or sponsorship on this site, ever.

While we create all our podcasts and publish many articles for free, like everyone, we need to earn a living so we do have a nominal fee to access the site programs, research articles, courses, and interactive sessions. We hope that we’ve priced the subscriptions to be affordable to most people – it’s certainly a fraction of the cost of many other online clubs with a ton more information and support.

Come and join us today and take that important first step to making better lifestyle choices, for you, and your loved ones.

Zoë & Andy Harcombe