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Is olive oil a superfood?


I recently did a podcast with actress Glynis Barber (Ref 1). She assigned it the title “How nutritious are vegetables really?” (Ref 2). In a previous podcast, I apparently upset her listeners by describing vegetables as “not all that.” I described olive oil similarly:

Me: “Olive oil will give you vitamins E and K. It won't give you A and D... You're better off having the olive than the olive oil. To me olive oil is processed olives.”

Glynis: "And yet olive oil is like the healthiest food on the planet."

Me: “It's really not all that. It's got no complete protein. It's got no minerals. It's got two vitamins. Google nutritional value of olive oil...”

Glynis: "But the Mediterranean diet – people live for 100 years or more and they're all eating olive oil...”

Me: "No. You know why people in the Mediterranean live 100 years. You've been to the Mediterranean – there’s sunshine. The sea is blue. The lifestyle is slow. They stand by the side of the road and have espresso and play backgammon. It's the lifestyle." (Glynis laughed) "Olive oil has nothing to do with it whatsoever."

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