Pre-diabetes diet advice


A couple of events coincided last week. First, someone I know in the real food world emailed me to say that his wife had been diagnosed with pre-diabetes. The reason for the email was to share the diet advice that she had been given (Ref 1). The next morning, Diabetes UK reported that “The number of people living with diabetes in the UK tops 5 million for the first time” (Ref 2). (Please note Diabetes UK – on the diabetes.org web site – is the charity for diabetes in the UK. It gets confused with the diabetes.co.uk website, which is a commercial venture helping people to manage their diabetes with diet – low-carb diets especially).

When you see the UK National Health Service diet advice sheet for pre-diabetes, you will completely understand the Diabetes UK headline. The diet advice for pre-diabetes is a perfect prescription to give someone type 2 diabetes.

The Diabetes UK report

The Diabetes UK report provided new figures that 4.3 million people had been officially diagnosed with diabetes in the UK. The charity estimated that 850,000 were type 2 diabetic, but not yet diagnosed. I suspect that the number is even higher than this.

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