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A short story about a library book & one about a weight loss drug

There are two stories in this week’s note. One is a short story about a library book and the other is the low-down on the weight loss drug, Ozempic/Wegovy, which is in the news.

The library book

I was approached by a fellow real foodie, Robert M, who was shocked to find the following disclaimer stuck in his local library copy of “The Ketogenic Cookbook”:

I was similarly shocked. Our shock came from 1) seeing a disclaimer at all and 2) seeing how far this one went. It was factually incorrect. Animal protein does not significantly increase the risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes or early death. Vegan diets do not create the lowest risk for these diseases.

There was no mention of the nutritional deficiencies that can cause harm with a vegan diet, which even the Vegan Society admits (Ref 1). There was no mention of the need for ruminants for the preservation of topsoil without which we can't feed the planet going forward.

But then…

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