2022 – 30 Day Blitz

Here is your dashboard of activities, downloads and key dates for the January 2022 30 Day Blitz

This year, the program will require you to self register, so that you can start the series on a day and time to suit yourself. We'll open for registration on the 31st December. The link to self register will be on this page from 31st December.

We'll then send you a series of emails, one-a-day, at the same time every day for Motivation, Information and Inspiration.

You can follow any phase of The Harcombe Diet that suits you. Most will be using the first 14 days as a Phase 1 reset and we've included some suggested meal plans in the downloads below.

Please do visit the forum to give support and get support from other members - We all do much better when we follow something together.

Live Q&As

We'll run more frequent Live Q&A and Zoom chat sessions during January. Here are the initial dates and times..

Sunday January 2nd 2022, 10.00-12.00 GMT

Sunday January 9th 2022, 10.00-12.00 GMT

Sunday January 30th 2022, 10.00-12.00 GMT


Here are some links to helpful downloads.

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