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Liz Earle chats with Zoë about the importance of maintaining great mid-life health

Show Notes

Liz Earle MBE has been a trusted authority in the world of wellbeing for over 30 years. She has written more than 35 books on many aspects of nutritional, hormonal and gut health, as well as being a regular wellness TV presenter and host of the popular Liz Earle Wellbeing Show podcast. She is passionate about improving the health of mid-life women and beyond, especially helping women from all backgrounds achieve a better ‘second half’.

Liz has put her name to several successful brands. Her latest business ventures include Liz Earle Wellbeing (, a high-quality lifestyle magazine, and Liz Earle Fair & Fine, an award-winning range of ethical, Fairtrade jewellery and the Liz Earle Beauty Co., with whom she no longer has any connection. Her latest book, The Good Menopause Guide, hit No1 across Amazon on publication day and she is the first appointed ambassador of The Menopause Charity, campaigning at government level for better support for midlife women – a subject very close to her heart.

Liz is also Ambassador for many other charities, including The Soil Association, The Sustainable Food Trust, Love British Food, Compassion in World Farming. The Royal Osteoporosis Society, The Prince’s Countryside Fund, Restart Africa, CURE International and Tearfund, as well as being a Patron of ACE Africa. In 2010, Liz also founded the humanitarian charity, LiveTwice.

Liz lives in the UK’s West Country with her five children and two gerbils.

In this half hour podcast, we cover how Liz came to be the forerunner in so many areas – daytime TV, high fat diets, natural skincare, gut health and how she became one of the first role models to speak out about the menopause.

We talk about Liz’s books – how they nearly weren’t called what they were finally called!

We discuss the menopause – why has it been so little talked about for so long? What are the symptoms that women feel when oestrogen starts to drop? Why did HRT get a bad name? How important is HRT? What does enable women to restore hormone levels during their ‘second half’? As we approach this time in our lives, what do we do? Where do we go? The GP? A clinic? Any other resources?

The podcast is packed full of tips and information. A must listen for any woman, or anyone who knows any woman, who has gone through, is going through or will go through the menopause.

Further resources and books:

The Good Menopause Guide by Liz Earle ( or

Liz's download "The truth about HRT"

The Menopause Doctor

The Menopause Charity

The balance app – by Dr Louise Newson

Book: The Oestrogen Connection (Oestrogen matters) by Professor Avrum Bluming

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