Davs Dennis chats about the importance of maintaining functional fitness

Show Notes

Davs (Dafydd) Dennis is a former Royal Marine, paramedic, current CrossFit seminar staff flow master and CrossFit affiliate owner. He is one of the global CrossFit trainers who train other trainers around the world. Davs is all these things in his brief bio, but far more importantly he’s a friend and has been a fabulous coach to me and Andy.

In this podcast on fitness, Davs and I use our shared knowledge and experience of the CrossFit terminology and principles to talk about fitness generally.  We cover:

- What is (functional) fitness?

- What do we mean when we say “the needs of Olympic athletes and our grandparents differ by degree, not kind”?

- What are the benefits of doing more well-designed activity?

- What going to a CrossFit box is like. Who is it for?

- What makes CrossFit different?

- Best success story?

- Are men and women different when it comes to fitness?

- How to get started without going near a gym.

There’s also an exclusive bit of news about me and Andy that I’ve not shared before!

You can find out more about Davs’ CrossFit box here https://www.crossfitcardiff.com/

You can find out more about 9 basic CrossFit moves here

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