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Nina Teicholz chats about the Dietary Guidelines for Americans


Show Notes

Nina Teicholz is a professor (adjunct) at NYU’s Wagner Graduate School of Public Service, the Executive Director of The Nutrition Coalition (a group devoted to evidence-based nutrition policy), an investigative science journalist and author. Her international bestseller, The Big Fat Surprise has upended the conventional wisdom on dietary fat – especially saturated fat – and challenged the very core of our nutrition policy.

More importantly to me – Nina is a great friend and a wonderful trail blazer in our real food world. She is a passionate advocate for nutrient-dense food and is working so hard to protect our rights to be able to consume it.

In this 30-minute conversation Nina explains the following:

- What are the Dietary Guidelines for Americans?

- Why are they so important? What impact do they have?

- What has the Nutrition Coalition been trying to do while the guidelines were being drawn up?

- What and when was the promising saturated fat intervention?

- What successes have been achieved?

- Were there any surprises when the most recent DGAs were published?

- What next for the Nutrition Coalition?

You can find more about Nina at and more about the Nutrition Coalition here Please consider a donation to support their important work – thank you.

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