Zoë Chats with Dr Campbell Murdoch – Two Part

Zoë Chats with Dr Campbell Murdoch about how he got into medicine, what's important to him and challenges that he has faced.

Part 1

Part 2

About Dr Campbell Murdoch

Campbell is a GP with a special interest in metabolic health. He believes in assessing and addressing the root causes of poor health, and empowering people through knowledge and support. His portfolio of roles range from general practice, to health and wellbeing services for organisations and businesses. He also works for NHSE training primary care in QI methodology. He has recently worked with Public Health England training healthcare professionals in physical activity for health. His wider interests include large scale change to address the global poor metabolic health and type 2 diabetes epidemic, and at scale type 2 diabetes remission. In addition Campbell delivers prevention and health and wellbeing services within schools and prisons, and regularly presents at education events and conferences to share learning, to keep shifting the world in a better direction. You can find out more about Campbell at: https://www.drmurdoch.co.uk/ and on Twitter. Listen to iTunes Listen on Stitcher Listen on Spotify         Login below to enjoy the unedited video interview

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