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Diabetes Unpacked – Now it’s your turn

On our trip home from the LCHF conference, Cape Town, in 2015, we talked about doing something to help support The Noakes Foundation, which is doing such fantastic work to help improve the nutrition of the average South African.

Two years later, we think that we’ve done something a bit special. We’ve brought together 15 of the finest minds working in the field of diabetes and diet.

Professor Tim Noakes, Jason Fung, Nina Teicholz, Malcolm Kendrick, Zoë Harcombe, Robert Cywes, Jeff Gerber, Ivor Cummins, David Unwin, Caryn Zinn, Ian Lake, Neville Wellington, Jen Whitington, Mike Gibbs & Lars-Erik Litsfeldt.

Each have given their time, knowledge and experience to contribute a chapter to a special book – Diabetes Unpacked. Each has waived their usual royalty fees, which we will collectively pay to The Noakes Foundation.

The book is due for general release in August this year but you can purchase a pre-launch copy of Diabetes Unpacked today, or you can order a very special, numbered, limited edition hardback. This limited time offer includes a DVD with two presentations by Prof Tim Noakes.

It’ll just take you 2 minutes to checkout and secure your copy and your support will help make a big difference to The Foundation’s work in South Africa. Please do it today, when it’s on your mind.

Thank you for helping make a difference.

P.s. You can check out the work The Noakes Foundation here.