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The optimal diet?

Last week’s article about carbs and nutrients in dairy generated much interest. This week, I’m going to develop this interest further with an article about something called “The Optimal Diet.” This will take us into the world of LCHF (Low Carb High Fat, also referred to as Low Carb Healthy Fat) – what is LCHF? and Who should be doing it?

I first heard about something called “The Optimal Diet” at an LCHF conference in Oslo, Norway, in November 2014. I was asked a question after my presentation about what I thought the optimal macronutrient ratios were. I replied that I don’t think setting macronutrient ratios is a good idea. We should just eat real food and then the macronutrient ratios will be what they will be. For non-diabetics, I still hold this view.

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