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Vitamin D lecture from Dr Oliver Gillie

Ted is going to love this especially!

I have been in correspondence with Dr Oliver Gillie over the past few months. We were both on an email distribution list and he encouraged me to join the Guild of Health Writers, of which he is an esteemed member.

Oliver is MR Vitamin D. He was awarded the Master Journalists Association award for health champion of the year in 2009 for his campaign for vitamin D and sunlight.

Sir Richard Doll commented on Gillie’s book Sunlight Robbery: “I am most impressed with the way Gillie has collected and presented the evidence”.

Sir Muir Gray commented on Gillie’s book Scotland’s health deficit: “I was very impressed by the strength of evidence and by the conclusion.The work is of importance and a great achievement.”

You can find out more about Oliver’s work here:

Meanwhile – he shared a presentation/book with me and he has very kindly said that we can share it in our club.

I really hope that you enjoy his work as much as I have done. He was recently (August 19th 2014) interviewed by Jason Mohammed on BBC Radio Wales and he shared his personal story. He has cancer – he believes from lack of vitamin D, having followed bad advice.

You can download the presentation/book here…