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Statins for children

This podcast was first broadcast on TRE with Bill Padley on February 1st 2018 and kindly reproduced here

I was particularly horrified by headlines last week e.g. “Up to 56,000 children may get statins, say scientists” (Ref 1). The headlines were based on a press release by University College London (Ref 2), which in turn was based on an article, written by Humphries et al, published in the Journal of Clinical Lipidology (Ref 3). I was horrified because I know what cholesterol does and I know what statins do.

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For a laugh, here’s the google voice to text transcript:

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I was particularly horrified by headlines last week that “Up to 56,000 children may get statins, say scientists”. The headlines were based on a press release by University College London, which in turn was based on an article published in the Journal of Clinical Lipidology. I was horrified because I know what cholesterol does and I know what statins do. I chatted with Bill Padley of Talk Radio Europe about the report


[0:00] This is Dalton Health today.

[0:04] This podcast was first broadcast on talk radio Europe on Thursday 5th February 2018 with Bill Padley the show notes please visit diet and health enjoy.

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[0:32] That was some headlines recently which said the top 256,
thousand children in the UK may be prescribed statins according,
two scientists at 12,
is guest of the show many times before was shut off the block and public speaking in the field of diet and health,
good morning thanks very much for having a nice to have you back well where do we begin with this,
can we go back to beginning Zoe because when the world are statins,
we talked about it many times in the shed before we’ve had we’ve had Malcolm on the show The Boys you know about this who is written various things about statue in you you’re able to describe things in the very basic settings,
so the people like me can understand it cholesterol discuss,
it’s all because it’s actually trying to stop the body’s own mechanism by which it makes cholesterol so it’s very late we don’t even out classical,
that we go instantly so exciting that she fully worked and the store,
production of cash to entirely the first person to ever put a stocking in their mouth would have died instantly,
now that there’s some days when I think oh my gosh wouldn’t that available for the never many many more days when I think wouldn’t have been wonderful send these things would never.

[2:08] Off the ground and we wouldn’t be it’s just on a regular daily basis,
socially impaired in the body’s ability to produce cholesterol in millions of people worldwide,
it essentially builds and maintains all of our cells in the body every single cell in the body is dependent upon,
to exist as a cell take the trash away and we end up in a big puddle on the floor we have nose cell structure.

[2:39] Play Nobody by use of vital role in hormone production suspension none of our hormones work without cholesterol and that includes the sex hormones that reproduce you don’t need to be giants in Clash Royale we will,
show me out the human race without crash will you could not reproduce what you think so but it may concern and when we’ve had some crazy people in the hospital why don’t we just,
hello you could never have a healthy baby born again,
Summit Malcolm says that he which I love the you know why do eggs have so much cholesterol because you need a load of classes make a healthy chicken with the cookies.

[3:27] Helicoaster plane which is why I have such significant impact on brain and cognitive function.
The brain is only put a couple of percentage of the body’s weight actually contains approximately 25% of the body’s cholesterol incredible.
What does explain why does a number people suck sightings and then stop them because they say and I lost my memory I lost my mind I lost my,
Batman Beyond of my cognitive ability.
In the Pikmin 3 part 5 Sigma Theta Chi made by synthesizing classroom the skins win the some showings on this game that’s it does in Spain.
The body that she at that point turning cholesterol in the skin on the skin look into becoming day at a portion of a document a we don’t have healthy bones,
but we also now believe the Pikmin day is a phytonutrients and things a chronic diseases such as heart disease cancer dementia diabetes we are learning more and more about this Monday so messy.

[4:43] Fantastic mechanism by which we make this complete,
nickel substance anything if a catastrophic idea and I’m not alone in thinking of we all told,
it is inferred that there is such a thing as a good cholesterol,
and a bad cholesterol,
3D stock up on its own after 20 years or so they would mention that I got some great Charles someone,
Old World Health organisation de to 492 countries is not mess around with it and you,
the average cholesterol of each country against the death for that country and then total.
not come true there is an inverse relationship,
other countries classroom in lower the death rate of the country,
people try. So then they had to come up with us,
another little and I could have come to the Pasadena pops today.
What is the chemical formula for classical that is not good when they talk about good and bad actually talking about things only boiling water.

[6:24] You’ll notice that it doesn’t mix it just six of them to talk so when we need to transport,
around the body to do that fight to life-saving work you can’t just dropped the sign into the bloodstream.
Travel to landini’s little taxis cold lipoproteins under.

[6:43] Friendly on the inside and go to Friendly on the outside so they climb through the essentially,
stream CNN I get to sell but I say damaged and then I stopped to drop off,
cholesterol and fats and proteins and other lipids but do all this great some repair work so there are taxis cold low density lipoproteins LDL I know,
these cold high-density lipoproteins comes from,
concentrated on all day so the height and see ones.
Isn’t she just stuck in there is more dense more concentrated and the LPL ones.
An LDL sky from the letter of the roundabout,
to deposit the blank. I’m in the HBO taxis pick up whatever wasn’t needed by the cell to take it back to the liver,
guess what we saw it and wouldn’t be making it every second.
Of the day in particular amorously preparing at night exactly if it was so bad,
the party will be trying to get rid of it as far as disposable income.
It goes back to me before we submit claims and then it chugs over on the body again to do it for me to work.

[8:17] There is no such thing as going by Cracker Barrel Taxi,
talking shit about getting bad cholesterol you know that you don’t doesn’t know what he or she is talking about,
I completely would would be dad’s but what they do is they inhibit,
cause of the cholesterol production pathway and,
what’s the they do is they work Upstream of something which is pretty important in the body which we’ve had mentioned many times before but maybe it’s worth mentioning again coenzyme Q10 Co q-10,
you know you’re stuck in the beautiful description of what school,
valenite Top Ways by which cholesterol is made to 10 if you go into any health food store you’ll see Co q-10 on the shelves and it wasn’t cool Peabody Energy stock quote,
the little people caring for health food store pharmacy as a little tablet sucking on it because they know it PetSmart that get some more energy is the little silly songs,
I’m talking about a it is as you say Downstream in the pocket sightings,
this is so interesting when the.
Call Matt manufacturers festival at stockings they realized but they were in pairing a really important part of the energy spark plug in the body.

[9:52] So cute n e to the second part.
Okay recognize it at the same time they were going to mess up your energy in the body they were going to try and compensate for what they were about to do you to cost or weather,
I didn’t like the fact that it was defective. Meeting we are causing serious problems that you energy production.
I just left it out so we are now having millions upon millions of people worldwide taking stockings without the coke you 10,
that they knew they should have a company that on the sign.
Significant other that serious and I won that again people on statins report muscle aches tiredness fatigue,
just call me bubba to get up and go for a walk and of course not being courted even more health problems some academic independent completely independent.
Define rotational industry this website called e n m which is the number needed to treat,
I got the really good way of putting statistics,
I put in the papers so you know you’re 30% less likely to die which might mean that one in a hundred thousand people were going to die in office chair.
1.3 in a hundred thousand people will now die this year. She is 30% different but it still.

[11:23] One in a hundred thousand people you wouldn’t even thought about that.

[11:30] Fairy in fairy scary way to make you think you should be on the store since you go to the number needed to treat a thing again off the top of my head,
say something like if you treat a hundred fifty four people full five years.
One may benefit
interesting interested and all of those 154 people.

We now know and this is not in dispute at Summit close to 20%.
Will be experiencing side effects weather the cognitive impairment on my flag so it can really disrupt.

[12:06] Digestive process because of the Rolling Stones that people report terrible stomach aches and duvets kind of gastric problems that go with us you know someone in 154 /.
find eggs might experience the benefits.

[12:24] Chicken a brim paper came out a couple of years ago and some I think it was right by the Dutch researchers and they said the benefit might be.
Three or four days in 5 years,
find yourself if you’re the lucky one that is going to get some benefit you find yourself a couple of days.
But I never long is is it real.

[12:46] Be serious side effects of these very very powerful drugs any plus to this is there a case for example for people who have a stress fracture good thing.

[13:01] You can look at great question you can look at the nmt as well on the website for.
What is called secondary prevention so that’s why somebody has already had a heart attack I wish I had the phone in my head I think it comes down from 1 and 154 to about wanting.
Do you want in 6 days so it gets better.

[13:28] 7 Series No Man’s Wharf in the u.s. is it has become known that they increase the likelihood of developing type 2 diabetes.

[13:37] And it’s something like he’s going to want in 50 chance of developing type 2 diabetes anymore everyone in 60 counts of a boy dating,
I know the whole thing for done and so is it pretty say results to way up when.
We don’t think that sightings if I have any benefit like they probably have some very small benefit in men,
Lodi Honda not seen any evidence of women in any circumstance its leaves play independent people like Malcolm Kendrick.

[14:12] The likely mechanism by which they may have some effect is what they are known to have anti-inflammatory properties.

[14:20] Pharmaceutical companies know you’re not picking say a few years ago I started marketing them in the field of arthritis.

[14:27] An inflammatory condition showing that they have a benefit for those conditions as well,
I need my 12 days you might be in such a bad way maybe slightly better than me,
even greater Western of the most violent,
I know Stephanie is never going to pass my legs it just never going to pass my legs in any circumstance and the reason that these recent headlines are so scary,
on these medications up to 56000 in the UK alone on this paper in the UK came out.
Am I get in a month the same time is 1 in the US very similar paper smooth study short study.
Trying to argue hey something really safe for children you no runny look to them for about a year,
I need ID for children trying to get to the age of 18 to see if they do actually grow normally I don’t see how they can grow normally when you in pairing the,
Android the only thing you know they did the lipid basically in the building so responsible because I don’t see how it can happen,
Gracie 9 centimeters attorney so until after meeting pulled any liver damage you can do the real name,
yet familial hypercholesterolemia search very very very rare condition called familial hypercholesterolemia it gets abbreviated 1 + 500.

[16:07] I trying to start claiming that it’s not that right so you know the feeling.
Pharmaceutical supported website warning 250,
Orpheum Dino Duran is so fat all right. I don’t buy that affect in this condition,
basically means that little taxi we talked about the LVL Taxi,
the one that goes down around the body take in the black liquid to do that going to work the one that stupidly cool for high cholesterol,
traffic condition means that the Elvia was little respect her on,
every single cell in the body like a open ready to grab something,
can I see little taxi goes by dale dale we have to grab some at my hotel taxi takes it into the cell takes on all the good,
again I’m not playing the HDL taxi comes along and picks up the remnants so this little grabby thing doesn’t work well,
even more so you can see what happens in the bloodstream.
Can you do a blood test and the person has very high levels of LDL.

[17:27] Shipping to double figures kind of LDL you know they say started to say oh we could children my Fenix 5 and I know Al Perez,
LDL you know they got from your heart.
Acrobat Pro an LDL even when you’re on statins,
Despicable Me some basic has Elizabeth taxi spiking up in the bloodstream now.

[18:10] My dealers if I hate Jonathan open block on my flight on Monday it is basically if LDL is so going to get into the phone,
defect which means it can’t get into the cells then that’s your problem that you can do a blood test in the bloodstream.
It’s just telling you you could have problems the real problem is the cell didn’t get the class 200 limited old proteins or the phospholipid.
Also a bunch of cells also has over or LDL with tattoos saying,
hey give me the taxis I want to take over goodness out if them say maybe you got a bit more heart disease because the phone isn’t getting more that needs maybe we looked at it completely upside down the wrong way round.

[19:06] Maybe instead of trying to put people with FH on statins we should be saying how can we get the LED out into the stove.
Clearly what the body wants to happen.
Stop the body making any cholesterol.
Might actually end up getting into the so so we making it even worse thing again if you think independently you’re not drug from that you’re not conflicted.
Urologic person Professor Tim noakes took a look at my blog and then he started something just brilliant late and he said,
some days some research I put on the blog that said it’s really interesting you don’t more risk of having.
Heart disease when you go FHA only when you’re younger if you get to something like 39.
You can’t no more ways than the rest of the population and if I eat I fall asleep come to see you end up living longer Railroad.

[20:10] Ofh super high class dojo for your whole life.
And yet you only have higher risk of heart disease up until the age of about Full Tang cuz she still text me but you don’t die of heart disease more than anyone you have and go seek Minecraft.
Bfh isn’t about super high cholesterol is about something else.
And trust and that’s the whole reason that true food for potentially giving children settings,
Florida classroom hope to goodness we don’t cause liver disease stool short study just to suggest that we don’t,
hope to goodness we don’t stomach that grows affect reproduction,
what happens if I think it said he said if I’m going to start safe 16.
17% of the Children looked at in the study I used 5 to 10 were on statins,
57% of the children aged 10 to 15 so you could boys and girls that pre puberty and going through puberty.
Shorten happens to their ability to have children I don’t know you don’t know they don’t know
show me an old ad on your blog before you go for those who have.

Taking the Bold decision to take their own,
life in the road hands supposed to just being cool. Something by big Pharma if you like can I can count myself as one of those who came off statins off to learning what they do is the future for non-statin tigers.

[21:51] Gloomy or once you come off the at dude is the side effects dissipate over time,
yeah interesting question and most people that you do and it must be able to find a pack seemed to dissipate,
quite quickly so if you’re suffering stomach problems muscle aches cognitive impairment a lot of people who come off easily treated in days.
When was it must have been the same since cuz they start feeling the usual self again it sat on incident system and one of the most famous with that Swiss Dwyane Wade going he was an astronaut do with put on something.
I’m had so much bad memory loss they they work so well for him but he was,
to complete in the NASA Center Camp ockanickon even remember where he got his car or his car keys in a human.
Memory came back but no point as well as you’d expect enough sub,
some people pray to him to go back home again and he haven’t he made them with the golden connection and suffered more damage.
Back to his full cognitive ability that he must have had otherwise he would have been selected as an astronaut in space,
how do you know there’s going to be some permanent damage do you see the powerful drug,
I pretty quick one and I’m putting on the spot so sorry but we get it colder out here on the on switch on shifter City question and it’s not an issue,
basically I’m at one time they came off statins and recently had lost dress and their cholesterol level was raised their LDL level was raised in that temporarily.

[23:30] Absolutely I mean like a great fit in Malcolm Kendrick the great class will call him when he he won the truth,
if you’re going for your cash through testicle running late it will be higher if you got White Coat Syndrome,
depending what you had for breakfast 24 hours,
the sky many things that can shoot it out temporarily chronic stress will,
raise cholesterol and iPhone in a hotel taking the good stuff out because remember classroom is the body’s repair mechanism,
is the body trying to heal you the body’s recognizing that stress overload of damage within the body so get injured your class to grow up that is a good thing,
what is your body saying I thought this mechanism by which I can handle you I recognize you not well,
I know healing you said to me a high-class when everyone Hi for you is your body telling you.
I’m I’m working extra overtime right now I’m trying to tell you there’s something going on so I can little bit get more sleep.
Pics of injury don’t overdo asceticism is trying to tell you something so don’t just listen to it,
Auntie what it’s trying to tell you I like I said I sent it to the coolest down and they probably more stress by being told they have to go and stats,
Zoe website is Ellie Holcomb. Come and it’s full of all kinds of interesting stuff.
can Kevin and find out themselves really appreciate you times everything should be.

[25:07] Music.