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How Kellogg’s manipulated mums to get near their children

How Kellogg's manipulated mums to get near their children

This week's update is serious and seriously clever. It involves one of the two most predatory companies when it comes to pushing junk on our children - Kellogg's. Coca-Cola is the other chief culprit.

If I told you that the founder of Netmums would be doing a promotional video, on behalf of Kellogg's, on the home page of one of their sites ( smiling like a paid celebrity endorser to close with: "And if you are buying Kellogg's - look out for the special pack", you would think I was joking. I wish...

On Monday 9th September #GiveAChildABreakfast was trending (promoted) on twitter. I was stunned to see that one of the top tweets was from @Netmums:

"Please retweet - For every share tweet or watch

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