Q&AThe Harcombe Diet

Whet your appetite

Here’s a small selection of kind words shared with us by ‘Harcombers’

“I really loved Phase 1. I continued to do another five days of Phase 1 and was rewarded with a 19lb loss for 10 days of not a great deal of effort in my view!” Mat

“I had eaten more in five days than I used to eat in a month, so I got on the scales at the end of the first week with sceptism. Man was I in for a shock… A week on the Special K diet lost me 1lb, a week on Phase 1 lost me 6lbs. It was a miracle, and I’ve not looked back since.” Lizzi

“I lost an amazing 9lbs in five days followed by another 5lbs in the following week and seeing a stone disappear so quickly was a fabulous boost.” Cazbah

“What a revelation. I started this diet to lose weight, within two weeks I was continuing on it for my health. Thank you Zoë.” Tracie

“The best sort of diet is one that never lets you get hungry and this is the best diet for that.” Sue15cat

“I did Phase 1 for five days. The cravings magically went, which is fantastic. I felt that I was now in control of what I was eating rather than my cravings controlling me. This has lasted in Phase 2.” Julie

“For me it is all about health. I have never felt better.” Carol

“What an amazing way of eating, no counting, just eating real food. No more feelings of desperation and guilt from bingeing.” Gettingslimmer

“I just dived in to Phase 1! I was stunned to have lost 8lbs, with no real trauma, and eating all sorts of foods that I had avoided for years – amazing! Phase 2 is cool, and I can eat like this forever, I’ve never felt better, and never been so relaxed about food – Zoë, you’re a marvel!” Woofighter

“When I weighed on the morning after day five I had lost 10lbs! I emerged into my next five day phase feeling so in control of my eating and better than I have done in years. I know that this is my eating habit for the rest of my life. I have lost all my cravings and I am particularly loving the side effects of that – losing weight and feeling 10 years younger!” Jans