High Fat Intake or Moderate?

Hi Zoe. I have recently heard about an experiment by Jimmy Moore and I have seen it mentioned on the forum, that in order to get into ketosis it is good to have up to 85pc of your total intake for a day as fat. I have been trying this and although it has not resulted in any remarkable weight loss it has kept me from getting hungry between meals. Indeed I have felt very full. In the last week or so though I have been experiencing pain and real discomfort. ( this could be a bout of diverticulitis coming on in my case). However I am also going through a time of flux in my life, and it could be stress. The thing is that I get really hungry when it is time to eat, and my eyes are bigger than my belly. I don’t force myself to eat it all, and find that I am satisfied or start to feel uncomfortable very quickly. In light of what you say in this months Diet and Health about not eating too much, I am feeling that I do not want the amount of fat that would make up the 80pc of my diet. Yet am afraid that if I cut down I would get hungry too quickly. A typical days eating for me is as follows; Breakfast. 2 tbsp s of berries with 3 tbsps NYL. Cup of tea with a little goats milk. Lunch Often go without as don’t feel like eating, but when I do I have either 2 eggs and 4 streaky bacon or a three egg omelette. I pour the fat I have cooked it in over the top. Sometimes I,ll pinch a spoonful of it while I am cooking the item. This would be either butter or coconut oil. Supper. 2 slices of belly pork, or braised steak, or braised lamb, a portion would be about the size of a hand, or some other sort of meat or chicken with cabbage followed by a small helping of berries and yoghurt. I have a couple of days a week as IF. Going without breakfast and lunch. Would value comments from you. I am just wondering if my stomach could be rebelling from too much fat.

Hi all – Fascinating thread! I’m trying to work out how Jimmy gets 85% of his diet in the form of fat. Does he mean 85% of his diet is what we would call a fat/protein food? Or does he mean that a macro nutrient analysis of his diet would come up with c. 0% carb, c. 15% protein and c. 85% fat. I’m struggling to see how you could get 85% of your diet in the form of fat – unless you are drinking oil for many of the meals! Oil (olive, sunflower, coconut etc) and pure fat (lard) are the only foods that are 100% fat. Fish can be 93% protein, 7% fat and 0% carb (cod). Or fish can be 40% protein, 60% fat – mackerel. Meat can be 90% protein/10% fat – chicken or 30% protein/70% fat – lamb. Do you see that there are virtually no real foods with an 85 fat/15 protein ratio? One would have one heck of a spreadsheet to work out how much oil to eat to counter the protein to fat ratio in every real food! I’m with Hattie – just eat real food – including the natural fat that comes with that real food and don’t worry about targets. Jimmy is the best human experiment on the planet and I love him for what he does – but it should be to save us having to do it! ;-)
Your diet looks fab Trish and so do you Very best wishes – Zoe
Zoe – 2013-01-07 19:19:39

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Im hiding in shame – perhaps I eat far too much?!
Carrie – 2013-01-07 09:45:31
If you do then I do too, carrie! I would be starving eating as little as you do Trish! I would have the bacon and eggs, plus the fat for breakfast, and probably a similar sized dinner, but would also need a similar sized lunch! Mind you nly causes me cravings so 3 tbsp would just make me ravenous!
Sallywags – 2013-01-07 10:04:53
oh good because ive often thought i maybe eat too much lol. Ive just had left over beef stew & veg for breakfast! I either have 2 large meals a day or 3 smaller, just depends what im doing or where i am, they all include a lot more fat than that :rolleyes:
Carrie – 2013-01-07 10:09:41
I used to have an enormous appetite when I was younger. I would have loved to have THD around then. Instead I spent all those years either starving or bingeing. That’s what my book is about of course, how to avoid this trap. But I am a lot older now, and find that I just can,t eat that much any more. But nevertheless I still cannot lose any more weight. Because of a. Lifetime of disordered eating. THAT IS WHY I am so passionate in trying to get the message across to people. That is why I wrote the book and have learnt life coaching. I have experience, a body which is sick from food abuse (the Diverticular disease) and a very low metabolism! Be warned if you don’t get your eating problems sorted now, you could end up in the same mess!
Harmonious – 2013-01-07 10:45:05
If you are eating until you are satisfied and able to go until your next mealtime without snacking then you are eating the right amount Carrie. If you are stuffed and feel like missing the following meal or needing to snack between meals then you are not eating the right amount. :)
Marie Smith – 2013-01-07 11:38:37
Harmonious – 2013-01-07 18:36:45

Quick point to note. ‘Up to 85%’ can also be read as ‘less than 85%’ They mean the same but the interpretation is massively different.
Andy – 2013-01-07 18:48:12
This is what Jimmy Moore has been eating [QUOTE]I’ve been purposeful in eating a diet that is very high in fat to around 80-85% of calories, moderated in protein to about 10-15% of calories and very low-carb minimizing the intake to 1-3% of calories.[/QUOTE] I’m not suggesting this is a good thing – I’m just trying to help Trish !
hattie the cattie – 2013-01-07 18:54:00

So are you saying that we can have anything up to 85pc, but don’t have to have as much as that?
Harmonious – 2013-01-07 18:57:48
I think what Zoe says is eat real food & don’t worry about percentages !
hattie the cattie – 2013-01-07 19:00:11
I had heard that Jimmy was experimenting with this mix and that he has done well. He’s also gone pretty extreme paleo and crossfit type fitness activities. It gets difficult, if not impossible, to isolate effects when there are many changes going on. If you eat real food, the fat ratios work themselves out. A diet very high in fat would be just about meat and eggs, and not a lot else. If this is combined with high activity, there is no doubt that weight-loss will follow. Jimmy, like some members in this club, is a natural experimenter. He finds that he has to go to the extremes that he does in order to find something that works for him. I don’t think the majority of us need to go that extreme. (Personal view)
Andy – 2013-01-07 19:02:42
[QUOTE=Andy;226530] I don’t think the majority of us need to go that extreme. (Personal view)[/QUOTE] Agreed – and this makes me very happy – flexibility of phase 3 is what makes this such an easy way of life for me!
Alix – 2013-01-07 19:05:27
Yeh I could go along with that all right! No problem. Might have seemed like a daft question, but I think that I was getting hung up on it. I am just going to try and be comfortable, and eat less fat while my tummy is so sore I think. Today I have had berries and yoghurt for breakfast Ate out for lunch and had steak and salad Three egg omelette for tea, followed by more berries and yoghurt. Thing is my tummy is so bloated!
Harmonious – 2013-01-07 19:06:52
Could it be the yoghurt? I know some people have problems with yoghurt, I don’t so I can’t tell you if the symptoms are bloating, but if you have it fairly regularly and are having problems it may be worth cutting it out for a couple of days to see if it makes any difference?
donski – 2013-01-07 19:12:04
Tried it before, did not make any difference. Don’t want to go down that road again! I,ll just have to put up with it. Just wondered if Zoe had any ideas?
Harmonious – 2013-01-07 19:20:34
Thanks Zoe!! Just wondered really! See above post. I guess it’s just part of how I am. And yes when I watched the video I wondered how he managed to ingest so much fat. I would have thought that we just have to have a moderate intake of all Real Foods. And the point of not going low fat is to just eat fat as it comes naturally, and not go out of our way to ingest it! Or not ingest it as the case may be.
Harmonious – 2013-01-07 19:24:58

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