Want to begin Harcombe after a VLCD

Hi everyone, I have been reading this forum for a while (everyone is so lovely), and am very interested in the Harcombe way of eating. I've even done phase 1 for a few weeks and enjoyed the benefits. Unfortunately, I was ill for a large part of last year (erythrodermic eczema), was hospitalised for over a week and unable to follow Harcombe. I comfort ate (massively) and as a result put on a few stone of unneccessary weight. I'm not proud to say it, but as a measure of desperation a started Lipotrim (total food replacement), to lose the weight fast. I am now in the situation where I am keen to start Phase 1 again as my way of refeeding, but am worried for any weight gain. I feel ashamed of myself that I've got myself into this situation when I know how unhealthy very low cal diets are, and have even advised people against them in thepast!! I feel like I've placed myself in the daftest catch 22 position ever and need some help on what to do! Sorry for the longest post ever!

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