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How statin drugs really lower your cholesterol & kill you one cell at a time

How statin drugs really lower your cholesterol & kill you one cell at a time.

We’re back to a challenging article this week, so let me start with some words of encouragement. This is about a book with the title of this article. When I first read the book I thought “OMG – this is so serious”, but I couldn’t explain to anyone what I’d read. The second reading I thought “OMG – I never knew that”, I was picking up real understanding and insights. It was only on the third reading that I thought “OMG – so that’s what statins are doing.”

This article is intended to give you a summary of the importance of cholesterol and the devastation of statins in one place. It may take a couple of readings of this article for different things to sink in each time. Come back with questions in the comments area and I’ll try to find analogies and other ways of explaining something. It will take your understanding of cholesterol and statins to a new level and you will know vastly more than any GP you are likely to encounter – let alone friends and colleagues. The cholesterol topic is one that is not going away – just last month we had that outrageous article suggesting that everyone over 50 should be on statins(i). They need to know what you are about to find out...

This is such an important Diet & Health Today. It’s about the most lucrative drug ever brought to market. It’s about one of the most widely prescribed drugs in the world. It’s about a drug that hopefully none of our club members will ever take. However, many of your loved ones are likely to be taking this drug and all of us will be under pressure from the medical profession to take this drug at some stage in our lives. This drug is, of course, the statin and the prescription of it will surely go down in history as one of the greatest crimes ever committed against mankind.

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