Fruit !

Hi Zoe.. And a happy new year to you and andy..I was just wondering really.. Does it really make any difference if I eat a lot of fruit ? I love it and have always tended to eat a lot. I don't really want to follow the ins and outs of what it contains, I just, personally think it is lovely, and its never done anything else to me except please me. It doesn't bloat me, or put weight on me. How can people say no to it.. is a mystery to me. Do you eat normal fruit ? ( by normal, I mean other than the berries, etc that you say is ok on this diet) I mean apples oranges pears bananas mostly, and do you NEVER eat them out of season ? By the way, heres a silly thought... if we are meant to eat fruit only when it is IN season, then should we apply the ' natural' rule to, say heating our homes.. Why do we heat by unnatural means ie. central heating., when it is cold in winter months ? We wouldn't want to be cold, so we use the heating. ( Isn't that classed also as unnatural ? ) Is it the same sort of thinking ? I don't know.. I wouldn't want to be without fruit, so I eat it all year round. It just puzzles me why people give fruit up.

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