To carb or not to carb!?

Hi Zoe, This has been something that has been on my mind for a little while. I know that we lose weight by cutting our carb intake because this controls the release of insulin but my question is this, why when we go zero carb does weight loss seem to stall? I have seen a few threads on the forum which have led me to this conclusion, in particular the experiment 'things with faces' were nobody seemed to lose any weight. Also people seem to lose more weight alternating no carb days with carb days as opposed to just having 2 no carb days. I know that this keeps the body guessing but I guess my question is, does the body just adjust to having no carbs very quickly and then just carry on as normal. Is there a certain amount of carbs needed to keep our body losing or have I got it all wrong. I would really appreciate your advice.

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