Physical… Or mental ?

Hi again Zoe... another question - honestly, my last ! You know these physical intolerances and allergic reactions to foods that some people get ? Well..there seem to be so many people slipping up over reasons why they haven't been able to keep to this diet, that I just wondered that there could also be a ' mental' reason, as well as a physical reason why some people find it harder than others. The question I think I am asking is :- YOU never seem to slip up.. YOU dont for instance say, ' Oh, I'm off on a special night out, or A Wedding, or A Holiday, and I think I may fall by the wayside, but I'll have to get back to it later' do you ? You are therefore mentally strong, you will not sway from your objective. Do you find that when other people DO ' sway' abit, that you have sympathy ? or do you ever think ' Oh for goodness sake ! etc .... ? Be honest Zoe.. to be honest , secretly ( and I wouldn't tell anyone this ) I find myself mildly annoyed that if someone is intent on eating well, why then do they fall off the wagon with sweets, cakes, and various other 'naughties'. Surely they should have overcome this on this way of eating ? Its life - and things like Weddings, Holidays, Nights Out, Special Dinners... etc...will happen often ! so then, are we just going to be 'on' this diet until then, and then come'off' for the 'Occasion' or what ? Its a mental attitude I think.. The stronger you are mentally, the better you will be at keeping to it. Agreed ? YOU can do it ! You come through it. that says to me that you are a strong person. Maybe that's the answer.

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