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Overcoming plateaus: Can we use carbs to burn fat?

Overcoming plateaus: Can we use carbs to burn fat?

The majority of people who come across The Harcombe Diet start eating real food, ditch the junk, stop mixing and never look back. The Big Issues are just that – continuous research into significant challenges and things that we want to learn more about.

One of the biggest challenges, and therefore topic that we want to learn about, is plateaus. When people stop losing for a period of time we get as upset as you do and we want to rack our brains to think of every which way we can to get your weight loss re-started.

To this end, Andy has been doing some really interesting thinking based on the following themes:

- Something Barry Groves said at the Natural Food Finder conference – you can’t force the body to give up fat – you can only give it no reason not to. And the double negative is quite important. I.e. you just can’t make the body lose fat – you can only create the environment when it has no reason not to lose fat. This makes you wonder about the scenario where the body appears to have no reason not to lose fat and yet still isn’t doing so...

- Sian and Lizzi commenting that they had lost weight after having a day with a carb meal, after a number of all fat meal days.

- Reading Mark Sisson during our August holiday and experimenting himself with ‘no grains at all’ for a while. Mark Sisson is a ‘no grain at all’ man.

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