Why you must not eat less if you want to lose weight

Following 20 years of research into weight loss, obesity and overeating, I have concluded that the only way to lose weight and keep it off is to work with your body – never against it. The current advice to count calories/eat less/eat low fat etc is destined to have your body fighting you all the way. Here’s what happens directly when we try to eat less: 1. We get hungry & our body tries to get us to eat. This alone ruins most diets. Your body doesn’t know you’ve read a diet book – it thinks you’ve landed on a desert island. It will send out many signals to try and make you eat – shaky hands, rumbly tummy, irritability, inability to concentrate; indecisiveness and an unusually high preoccupation with food. Many people experience these symptoms at c. 11am and 4pm on a daily basis, when their blood sugar drops, and this is the most dangerous time for the munchies.

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