Top tips for the all-inclusive buffets

If you think all-you-can eat buffets are a dieter’s worst nightmare, think again. Here is how these can actually be great for people watching their weight… Three top tips for weight loss are 1) eat real food (nothing processed) and 2) eat three substantial regular meals a day (no snacks) and 3) don’t mix fats and carbs at the same meal. The all inclusive holiday can do the first two for you. You just need to add in rule (3): 1. Go for the real food. Go wild on local fish, meat and veggies, and keep them simple: Go for grilled catch-of-the-day, meat from the carvery and as much lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, beetroot, fennel etc as you can. (Rice/potato salad don’t count – they’re carbs!) Fresh foods sourced locally taste great even without fancy sauces.

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