Are you losing fat or water or does it not matter?

I have lost count of the number of times I have been asked “Am I losing fat or water”? We have an extra tip for this topic, as there are four interesting things to bear in mind with this debate: 1. We are 50% water: The average human being is approximately 50-60% water. Yes, obese people are nearer 40-50% water, but they are still likely to lose 4-5lbs of water vs. 5-6lbs of fat for every 10lbs they lose. Keeping the maths simple, a 200lb person who needs to lose 100lb does not lose 100lb of fat and turn into a puddle of 100lb of water! 2. Weight is weight: 1lb of weight is 1lb of weight. When you get on the scales it will register weight loss and you will feel good. Clothes fit better. Once you have lost a few pounds it will be noticeable. The key thing is that you should still be normally hydrated. If you lose water by taking diuretics, you may be able to get into your jeans, but this is artificial weight loss and you will regain the weight as soon as you drink anything. If you are drinking the ideal 1.5-2 litres of water, herbal teas and decaf drinks a day and weigh less than you did last week – this weight loss counts. It will be both water and fat but, if you are not dehydrated; there is no reason for any water loss to be regained.

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