How to get kids (& men) to eat their veg

There are 6 short tips here to help sneak vegetables into reluctant mouths: 1. Butternut Squash Curry: This recipe is in the diet book and the recipe book and it is the most raved about recipe we have. You can even blend the mixture, just to have a curry sauce, and the family won't even know there are vegetables in there; 2.Tomato Sauce: any home made tomato sauce will give a generous helping of tomatoes – you can always try adding in a couple of other vegetables (aubergine, courgettes) and liquidise, again, if you don’t get away with this ; 3. Spice up stir-fries: use spicy olive oils for stir-frying peppers, garlic and onions. You can then add strips of beef or chicken to a stir-fry or serve the fried veg with a huge slab of lamb or steak;

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