3 Fad Diets to Avoid

If you do an internet search on "weight loss", you will get over 100 million suggestions from Google UK alone. There is no shortage of diet advice, but, with two thirds of the 'developed world' overweight, there is clearly a shortage of diet advice that works. Here are some of the diets that you most want to avoid: 1) Hollywood Cookie Diet - on this diet you eat four 150 calorie biscuits each day and then have a 200 calorie evening 'snack'. This grand total of 800 calories a day is the surest way to have your body a) make you hungry b) store fat (and use up lean muscle) and c) slow down your metabolism. Is this what you want to happen?! That's before you factor in that each cookie has 25g of carbohydrate and there is a wealth of evidence that carbs (and the release of insulin that then happens), are not good for weight loss. Finally, this biscuit contains sugar, wheat, soy and eggs - some of the most common food intolerances in the US and UK.

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