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Creamy Cheese Sauce

Creamy Cheese Sauce
Created by Joro.

This is ideal as a replacement for the usual wheat based cheese sauce to go with cauliflower etc.
I just threw everything in without measuring but have given approx amounts which can be varied to suit your taste.

100ml double cream
1 tablespoon full fat Philly
30gms mature Cheddar, cubed or grated

Microwave the cream and Philly in a bowl till hot, stir well then add the cheddar and heat till melted without boiling.
(Sufficient for 2 or 3 portions of cauliflower.)

Tip1: This sauce will also work with brocolli, leeks etc and, as a real treat, try it on cod.

Phase 2,3
Meal Type: Fat
Suitable for: Vegetarian, Hypoglycaemia, Wheat Free,