14 Day Plan – Day 9

How to stop the unhelpful voices in our heads

We need to be constantly aware of the unhelpful voices that pop into our heads. We’re only just over a week into our new way of eating and hopefully doing really well, but it can take weeks, or even months, to fully beat the 'devil' making suggestions to sabotage your diet.

Here's a classic – "Go on – you deserve it!" That's what the voice in our head says when it starts leading you into temptation. Maybe the sandwich trolley has arrived at work and your head tells you that you deserve something. Or a cake appears for a celebration and you find yourself thinking that you deserve some. Or maybe you've just popped out for coffee and the muffins start telling you that you deserve them. This is a really common unhelpful thought that dieters have.

Today’s article shares how to counter this, and some other unhelpful thoughts that pop into our heads...



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