14 Day Plan – Day 8

Where are you after week 1? Three scenarios…

You're at the half way stage – well done! Now would be a great time to review progress. Hopefully your note book will have some useful notes. If not, it's not too late to capture everything that you can remember right now.

At the end of the first week, there are three possible scenarios for where you are now. We take a look at them in today’s article…

1) You have stuck perfectly to the diet and have not cheated at all.

If this is the case – a huge well done to you. Keep up the great work and record in your note book any learnings that you can capture as to why you are doing so well. Which motivational tips have worked for you? Which meals are fitting best with your lifestyle? Learn from success to keep it going.

2) You have slipped, but got back on track.

If this is the case – a huge well done to you too. It is probably more difficult to slip and then give yourself a good talking to than it is just to stick to the plan and not have any issues to deal with. Learn from every slip you make. I have learned way more from the mistakes in my life than the achievements. No slip is ever wasted, so long as you learn something from it. The more mistakes you learn from, the fewer you will ever make again.

3) You have slipped, but not yet got back on track.



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