14 Day Plan – Day 5

What is food addiction? Because you’re currently breaking it!

You're on the last day of the classic Phase 1! Well done to you! (You’re going to keep going though – yes?!)

You may still have some Candida die-off symptoms (feeling a bit foggy, slightly achy), but any food to which you may have been intolerant will have passed through your body by now. Your blood glucose levels should be substantially more stable than they were before you started The Harcombe Diet®. Most people report feeling quite a bit better by this stage of the diet and far more able to cope with food cravings.

This is a crucial time NOT to become complacent. You can quite quickly feel more confident with your cravings and think that you could resist things. And you can! But you need to make sure that you do. Some people think – just a taste of a cake wouldn't harm right now – I'm sure I could resist it.

This is addict-like thinking. You are still in the dangerous stage where your mind will say anything to get you to put drugs back in your body. Be super aware of this. Be super careful. DON'T allow any thoughts like this to develop. You're on this for 14 days, so your mind can just shut up for another 10 days and then more. You are not going back to the junk that made you fat and sick.

Let's not forget the power of food addiction and why you are putting so much effort into tackling it right now...



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