14 Day Plan – Day 3

To stop cravings you have to stop eating the things you crave!

The first five days of The Harcombe Diet are the toughest. Two of the three conditions, Candida and Food Intolerance, can lead to quite bad withdrawal symptoms. You may have rabid sugar cravings. You may feel like you could hold up a bakery with a shot gun. You may have caffeine withdrawal headaches for the first couple of days on top. You really can feel quite ill when you come off the substances to which you have been addicted.

This can be a time when people give up. We've had people on forums say "I felt so ill I stopped." DON'T GIVE UP! The message for today is this – real food does not make you feel ill. Real food makes you feel great. Fake food makes you feel ill and coming off fake food makes you feel even worse for the first few days. But this is why you MUST carry on. You have to get through those first few days – to come out the other side with the clear head, great skin, better energy and more stable mood that comes with eating well.



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