14 Day Plan – Day 2

Why you mustn’t try to eat less if you want to weigh less

We shared yesterday that we've all done every calorie deficit diet under the sun and found that nothing has enabled us to lose weight and keep it off. It is completely understandable, having 'failed' so many times, to expect to fail again. There is a completely logical part of your mind, right now, doubting that you can lose weight and keep it off.

Logical as this is, we need to explain why you can ditch that thought and move forward with complete faith and confidence. Calorie counting doesn't work. Trying to eat less doesn't work. Trying to do more doesn't work. You have not failed. Diets have failed you and, if those diets rely on trying to reduce your calorie intake, they will always fail.

The information today explains why calorie counting hasn't worked and won't work. Don't blame yourself. Blame bad advice. Be angry for all the years you've wasted trying to starve yourself, getting hungry and miserable. Channel that anger into an absolute determination to do the right thing. The way to lose weight is to eat better – never less. You're on day 2 of doing the right thing – don't ever look back.



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