14 Day Plan – Day 10

Two human instincts, which must be overcome to lose weight: waste & scarcity

The human race has evolved since Australopithecus Lucy because we have been good at two fundamental things: i) gathering food and ii) conserving energy. It is completely ingrained in us to eat more and do less! Now, in this world of abundance (the ‘developed’ world at least), we try to do the completely UNnatural opposite – eating less and doing more.

As part of our natural food gathering instinct, there are a couple of human traits that are difficult to overcome – eating stuff because we don’t want it to go to waste and eating stuff just because it’s there. The latter is integrally linked to our fear of scarcity – we eat stuff because it’s there because our evolution has been dominated by scarcity. For most of the time that we and our ancestors have been on earth, food has not been widely available.

Today’s article looks at both of these, as they are very UNhelpful when we are trying to lose weight and gain health.

Not wanting things to go to waste

Are you one of those people who eats things because you don't want them to go to waste? If any part of you still hangs on to this kind of mentality – even after 10 days into the 14 Day Plan – we need to stop such thinking right now.



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