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We’ve been helping people to lose weight and gain health for over a decade. Our real food approach has proved super effective for people who want to reach and maintain natural weight, without counting calories (or carbs).

The Harcombe Diet® came about following years of research into why we eat/crave the wrong things and how we can make the right choices to become the healthy slim person that we want to be.  The eating plan is nutritious, delicious and sustainable – lifelong.

The Harcombe Diet® is embedded in “Diet & Health Today.” Diet & Health Today has a library, regular newsletter and a forum for you to Ask Zoë questions and to get help from other people just like you. The library has built up over many years and it has hundreds of articles on every aspect of diet and health that you can think of… The site also has plenty of recipes, special reports, FAQs, videos and podcasts. We have so much to help you!

In January we’ll be running a 14 day ‘Back to Basics’ plan, to help kick-start you into a healthy 2023.

We’ll cover the basics of The Harcombe Diet, answer the big diet and health questions and provide support and guidance with other members through the club forum.

Starts 2nd January 2023

There’s a workbook to download, shopping lists, sample menu plans and please sign up before 28th December to give us the best chance of getting your copy of ‘Getting Started with The Harcombe Diet‘ book to you by 2nd January (UK addresses only, sorry). Sign up for a year and we’ll include a set of recipe books too.

Come and join us today and take that important first step to making better lifestyle choices, for you, and your loved ones. It just takes a couple of minutes…

Zoë & Andy Harcombe

p.s. If you’re already a member, you’ll be automatically included. Look out for an announcement email from us.

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