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There’s a really interesting thread going on in the club about honey at the moment. Here’s what I think about honey!

Honey is not nutritious
Using the United States Department of Agriculture nutritional database (USDA), which is my starting point for the nutritional value of any food, we find the following:

- Honey is 82% carbohydrate (all sugar) and 18% water. Sugar (sucrose) is 100% carbohydrate and contains no water.

- If you are tuned in to carbohydrate grams – 82% means it has 82 grams of carbohydrate per 100 grams of product – you hardly need a tablespoon to be clocking up more carbohydrate than in an entire 100g bar of dark chocolate. You can be hitting the Atkins ‘magic’ 20 grams of carb level with no effort with a bit of honey.

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