Adam Pike, Tim Noakes’ Lawyer, on the HPCSA vs Tim Noakes trial

Adam Pike is Professor Tim Noakes’ lawyer. Adam is the man who has been core to the legal team, which successfully defended Tim against the charge that followed from what has now become known as the £1.5 million tweet!

In this funny, emotional, informative, interview, Adam shares the inside details behind the trial that has fascinated the nutrition world…

When and how did Adam first meet Tim? How did he become his lawyer? When did advocates (barristers) Mike Van der Nest and Ravine (Rocky) Ramdass come on board? How did you become ‘the three musketeers’?! What was your first impression of the crux of the case? Do you think you should just have knocked down the doctor-patient relationship in a couple of days and then left?

What were the highs and lows of the first three years (before the first verdict)? How confident were you before the first verdict? At what point during Chair Joan Adams summation did you realise this is going our way? When did you hear about the appeal? How did you prepare for the appeal? When did you get the verdict? Can and will the HPCSA appeal again?

We close with some reflections: What legacy do you think this case will leave? Do you think Tim will receive an apology? What will you tell your grandchildren when the time comes?

This is a heart warming interview of a wonderful man who has given the best part of his last four years to help a man whom he sees as awe-inspiring. Did he expect the appeal verdict and what did he do that evening? Enjoy all of his open and honest answers!

Adam tweets as @MisterPikester and, if you need a corporate lawyer in South Africa – or if you need defending against a tweet! – you can find Adam here:
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2 thoughts on “Adam Pike, Tim Noakes’ Lawyer, on the HPCSA vs Tim Noakes trial

  • June 22, 2018 at 7:38 am

    What a wonderfully interesting conversation. A great view into what went down in that whole mess. Thanks Zoe and Adam

  • June 22, 2018 at 5:45 pm

    Your conversation with Adam Pike, and Nina’s conversation with Marilyn and Tim Noakes, ( are superb. These conversations reveal honest, brave, humane people whom we all want to aspire to be like. These people shouldered unjust and heavy burdens, transcended the ensuing ordeals, and emerged victorious yet not vindictive: the best of what it means to be a person.


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