Cape Talk radio chat on 5 A Day


Here’s today’s chat on Cape Radio with John Maytham on 5 A Day.
Apologies for the poor sound quality and listen out for the dog jumping on the radiator at around 7min30sec

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3 comments on “Cape Talk radio chat on 5 A Day
  1. Magda says:

    As a registered dietician and nutritionist i beg to differ – we NEED our vegetables and fruit, for fibre, vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, anti-oxidants. And OVERWEIGHT and OBESE people cant blame sugar in natural fruit & veg, or the low fat advice for the extra weight they carry – they should blame sweetened food, refined carbs, oil fried food, sweetened sodas, and portion distortion! Show me ONE obese just obese person who can proof they followed a low fat diet with 5 portions of fruit and veg, NO JUNK or sweets or fried foods…

    • Magda says:

      and i do NOT advocate a low fat diet, i advise strongly against all oil fried foods, trans fats, vegetable&seed oils, fast foods, sugar, refined carbs, processed pacakeged food & breakfast cereals. do eat veggies (above the ground & rich in color) and up to 3 portions of fruit per day

  2. Garry Lee says:

    Zoe is right. The evidence is not there, though I myself like veg and avoid the starchy ones. I eat no fruit now only berries.

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